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About GreenChoyce

Hi, we are Greenchoyce!

We are here to serve you with sustainable and environment-friendly products.

Nope, there is no planet B, therefore it is up to us to take responsibility for our surroundings and the things we use and consume. By responsibility, we mean making responsible purchases that benefit both the environment and your physical and mental well-being. What’s a better solution for this than sustainable and environmentally friendly products that usually include little or no dangerous ingredients? Nothing!

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Meet Our Team

We are here to serve you with sustainable Eco-Friendly and Environmental Products.

Hans Stadler

Chief Executive Officer

Martin Moerth, MA

Senior Partner

Klaus Amer

Chief Financial Officer

Franilyn Baruzo

Founder, Serial-Preneur

Fred Ten Haaf

Manager Helpdesk

Dr. Josef Ganitzer

IT Director

Sascha Stadler

Executive Secretary